Promoting ELI Membership & Communication

Work package 7 is aimed at developing means and methods to promote ELI and attract new members and strategic partners to join the ELI community. DeliverablesD7.1 Project website and portal – M5D7.2 Project communications and dissemination strategy – M3D7.3 New members and strategic partners engagement plan – M9D7.4 Scientific community outreach strategy – M12D7.5 Corporate … Olvass tovább

Ethics requirements

The aim is to provide an overview of data protection policy and measures, including technical and organisational measures to safeguard the rights and freedoms of the data subjects/research participants, security measures to prevent unauthorised access to personal data, and informed consent procedures in regard to data processing. DeliverablesD8.1 POPD – Requirement No. 1 – M3 … Olvass tovább


The selected candidate will be responsible for double-entry bookkeeping and daily accounting tasks according to the Czech accounting standards for non-profit organizations and the internal regulations of ELI.